La trompette

A-e019 Under Loving Command

by Al & Pat Fabrizio

A-e018 The power of the preaching of the Cross (5/5)

The Power of the Cross to Sever and to Join

A-e017 The power of the preaching of the Cross (4/5)

Practical Aspects of the Message of the Cross

A-e016 The power of the preaching of the Cross (3/5)

Understanding the Cross in a Spiritual Way

A-e015 The power of the preaching of the Cross (2/5)

The Twofold Message of the Cross

A-e014 The power of the preaching of the Cross (1/5)

Spoken biblical teaching by Henri Viaud-Murat

A-e013 The true baptism in the Holy Spirit

Spoken biblical teaching by Henri Viaud-Murat

A-e012 The Lord is warning you : He is coming very soon

Will He find you like Noah or like Lot ?

A-e011 All that Jesus accomplished on the Cross for us

Spoken message from Henri Viaud-Murat

A-e010 What does it mean "To be in Christ"?

How can I be sure that I am in Christ?

A-e009 The Spirit of Truth

Let the spirit of truth reign in the church and God's power will be manifested

A-e008 The Feast of Trumpets and the Return of Christ

God's plan for humanity, the Jewish feasts, the signs which precede the very close return of Jesus, and the rapture of all those who will be ready.

A-e007 The Practice of Idolatry within the Church : Indifference or ignorance.

by Richard Bennett and Randall Paquette

A-e006 Rome and the European Union

By Michael de Semlyen and Richard Bennett

A-e005 Root Cause of Catholic Scandals and the Sovereignty of God

by Richard Bennett

A-e004 God and Islam. God’s Plan for Islam, Israel and the Church.

Extract of a message given by Marcel Rabbi in Jerusalem in June 2002. Marcel Rabbi was born in Algeria, of a Jewish mother and a Muslim father

A-e003 Charismatics or non-Charismatics

Let us catch all the depth of what Christ accomplished on the Cross

A-e002 Authority and Discipline. The order of God which leads to life.

Article from La Trompette

A-e001 The Tithe. Do I have to observe this commandment ?

Article from La Trompette